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Eun Jiwon was the one who suggested Sechskies break up?

Sechskies' leader Eun Jiwon confesses that he was the one who suggested the group's disbandment.

On the January 22nd airing of KBS2's TV program "100 Points Out of 100", when asked "what's the most troubling incident your group had to undergo?", former Sechskies' leader Eun Jiwon responded "when I suggested that the group break up."

He continued, "I initiated that Sechskies break up because it would be best for each of us to individually grow. Nobody wanted to bring it up [but we were all thinking it], so I took the initiative suggesting that it would best for us to disband when we were still at the peak of our popularity, when people were still clapping for us".

When the group saw the overwhelming support from all their fans at their last concert, they were met with tears and feelings of regret, and even considered continuing as a group, but came to the conclusion that "it would be best to disband now than to fade away."

This is from the second part of the 1st Generation Idol Star episode of "100 Points Out of 100", which also features H.O.T.'s Tony An, Baby Vox's Kan Miyeon, Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan, god's Kim Taewoo, and current idol stars and juniors Supreme Team's Simon Dimonic, Shinee's Minho, FT Island's Lee Hongki, SG Wannabe's Lee Seokhoon, Beast's Yang Yoseob, T-ara's Soyeon, Rainbow's Jaekyung, and Miss A's Min.

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