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SECHS KIES ;; 젝스키스

welcome to sechskies land . . .

SECHSKIES ;; 젝스키스 _____ (젝키 DANCE! 젝키 DANCE!)
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welcome to sechskies land
welcome to the first and only livejournal community dedicated to sechskies (젝스키스), korean pop/dance idol group from 1997-2000. sechskies (meaning "six crystals" in german) consisted of six members who were respectively divided into black kies/crystals (rappers) & white kies/crystals (vocalists).
community rules

-- jekki related posts only please! jekki solo member / spinoff group posts are fine.
-- please use an lj-cut when posting anything text/image heavy.
-- please friends-lock all entries that contain downloadable media files.
-- please properly credit any files, translations, images, etc. to its original source/author.
-- please try to tag your entries! if you need to request a tag, you may do so here.
-- mature discussion & constructive criticism is allowed, but please no bashing/flaming.
-- advertisements are not allowed without the permission of the moderators, ask here.

member profiles
eun ji won (은지원): leader, rap/vocals (black kies). 1978.06.08.
lee jae jin (이재진): rap/choreography (black kies). 1979.07.13.
kim jae duk (김재덕): rap/choreography (black kies). 1979.08.07.
kang sung hoon (강성훈): lead vocals (white kies). 1980.02.22.
ko ji yong (고지용): vocals/rap (white kies). 1980.07.01.
jang su won (장수원): vocals (white kies). 1980.07.16.
vol 1: 학원별곡 (1997.05.14)
vol 2: welcome to sechskies land (1997.11.01)
vol 3: roadfighter (1998.07)
vol 3.5: special (1998.10.30)
sechskies live concert album (1999.03.01)
10/20 remix (1999.04)
vol 4: com'back (1999.08)
blue note (2000.05)
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